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Portrait Innovations Closed- Pittsburgh, PA

I'm sure you've heard that the portrait studio company based out of North Carolina, Portrait Innovations, has closed all of their locations country wide in January of this year. Here's a link to a local news article, but there isn't much information available about why they decided to close.

portrait innovations

I have a few things to say about this and I hope you bear with me for a couple of minutes to see why this isn't such a bad thing and what you can now do instead for your cherished yearly holiday portraits.

I'm just going to say it, I worked at Portrait Innovations in Monroeville for about a year, during 2 holiday seasons. It was a great job for me, since I wanted to become a portrait photographer and already had some experience with high end digital cameras and other equipment. I learned a great deal on the posing, and people side of things, how to make people comfortable in front of the camera, how to make children smile. I do not regret my time there. And I'm glad now that I was let go directly after my 2nd holiday season. Every year they cut, not the worst photographer, bur the worse salesperson, and I will readily admit that was me, even though I did try to improve.

So that should tell you first of all, that they were all about making money, and I believe this was their only goal. I guess as a business it's not a bad goal to have, but it's impossible to have good customer service when you advertise a package for 10 dollars, then expect your sales people to make 150 dollars off of each customer. And that's all I am going to say about that.

So what do you do now? Do you know that there are small business photographers of all kinds in Pittsburgh who offer mini sessions, full sessions, outdoors sessions, studio sessions, seasoned photographers, amateur photographers, all over the board! All you have to do is google "photographers" or "family photographers" and you will get a plethora of different photographers, probably some in your own back yard who would love your support this holiday season! Most of them will be offering a mini session special and they will have an amazing set up AND they want your business, they are relying on it, so you know the customer service will be excellent!

All you have to do is a little research to find a photographer who fits your budget, quality and style that you are looking for and you won't even look back at your Portrait Innovations days!

pittsburgh christmas mini session

Kristy Wilson Photography will be offering a Christmas mini session at a local park at the beginning of November, then have a studio set up in November and December.

My style is minimalist and simple to showcase the beauty of your loved ones!

Both of my sessions will be priced at $199 for a 15 minute session that includes 5 digital files.

You also will have an opportunity to order prints, wall art and other great products.

This is a great deal considering the Portrait Innovations sales person would be trying to get that, even if you did go in for the 10 dollar package.

To book us, for a Christmas mini session or any type of session, visit our book us page to send an email or call to inquire about dates and availability!

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