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Shelbi | Penn Trafford High School | Senior Portraits | How to make your session more unique

I always say, "book your unique senior photo session." But what happens when you shoot at the same place as other sessions? Are they still unique? Uh, YES!! Because it's all about you! Your outfits, your poses, your props, your personality!

These images of Shelbi were at The Cathedral of Learning in Oakland and Phipps Conservatory, but they are truly unique to Shelbi and no one else will have these photos. So don't hesitate to pick locations like Hartwood Acres or Point State Park in fear that your pictures will be the same as everyone else! When you book with KWP, you will get your unique session no matter the location. See for your yourself and scroll to the bottom for some tips on how to make your session more unique to you!

modern senior portraits pittsburgh

Here are some tips to make your session unique to you:

1) Dress how you normally would, perhaps slightly more polished. If you wear jeans and a tee shirt everyday, do it in your session! Buy a new pair of jeans and a new tee shirt or wear newer clothing to look your best! (BTW: I recommend bringing a few outfits. At least one dressier outfit.)

2) Bring props! What do you love to do? Bring your guitar, violin, soccer ball/uniform, or any other props that describe you. (psst.. you can even bring your dog!!)

3) Give me some tips! Talk to me about what you like to do, what you like, what you don't like. Loosen up and have a good time. Being relaxed will let me capture your natural facial and body expressions and your pictures will look more like you and less like robot you ;)

To book YOUR unique senior photo session, click here!!

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