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Juliana's First Year | Child & Family Photography

One of my best friends and biggest supporters had her fourth child on Halloween day 2014. Up until that point, she always let me experiment and practice photographing her 3 older kids, and always recommends me to her friends to do their kid's pictures. When her fourth, Juliana, aka Juju, was born, my goal was to do her pictures every 3 months, but unfortunately I only had time for 3 out of 5 milestones. Here are some of the shots we got during those photo shoots and I know she will cherish them forever.

Juliana- 3 weeks old

and a couple of beatiful portraits of the other 3 kiddos with Juju..

and I caught this super sweet moment...

Juliana at 4 months (ish)...

We didn't end up getting together for her 6 month/9 month pictures, but we did do her birthday pictures...

Such a doll!

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